Friday, 21 September 2007


Our Max and Sid Blog has been created to allow our Max and Sid Cards customers' to leave their feedback, as well as easily keep you up to date with the latest card additions here at Max and Sid Cards.

Happy Birthday Spider

The large portfolio of cards in the Max and Sid ranges are increasingly becoming very well known in the UK. The company produce very high quality cards (some really are quite beautiful and sparkly!) with innovative designs. They really specialize in cards for 'occasions'. Name the occasion and there is certain to be a Max and Sid card for it!

In keeping with the aims of our parent website,, to sell only well known branded cards, including Max and Sid as a card range, was an easy decision to make.

Happy Birthday Create-a-card with Stickers

However, the success of the their sales has meant we decided to launch a card site dedicated to the range. We have included all the top sellers as well as specific occasion cards to meet our customers' need. Our most popular cards in the range are the ones providing alphabet stickers, for the ultimate personalization.

New Baby Girl - Height Chart Card

More will be added shortly.

Greetings to everyone.